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In case anyone out there wishes to celebrate my birthday with a present (for me, ideally) here's my "Stuff I'd like to have at some point" list:
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* The new job continues well. I'm working several days a week 10 -5:30pm for a woman who sells crafting supplies, mostly for fiber-related things (knitting needles, quilting templates, looms) but for a lot of papercraft and scrapbooking and printmaking supplies, too.

* I've been collaborating with a couple different people on a couple different fashion / costuming related projects. Things are going...impressively.

* This is my second year as Head of Programming for Philcon; we got the pool of potential panels out to our potential panelists a couple months early this year. We've had 95 replies with their panel requests already, so it's time to start on the scheduling of items.

* I haven't done any writing that wasn't related to panel descriptions in the last couple months, but my brain has been busy with headcanons as ever.

* I'm between Fleisher classes at the moment, but they start up again in September. My work is definitely at a better level than it was last year. I also took a pyrography workshop recently that resulted in some pretty fun stuff.

* The cats remain lovable jerks. They are all in good health, but still seem to love horking.

* I'm in reasonable health, too. I did have one day of horking myself about a month ago, due to some bad seafood.

* The garden is on hold for the season, except for the occasional bout of weeding for garden 1 and bout of chopping-things-down-to-below-ticking-level for garden 2. Most of what I planted is doing well, the rest has to wait for the currently-growing-where-I-want-to-plant-it stuff to die off before being moved to where it belongs. ...The vegetables I have in the back are still alive despite my negligence. They badly need to be replanted by this point, which I was going to do today, but it's been raining since I woke up.

* New shows watched in the last few months: Black Sails, Steven Universe, Stranger Things.

* New books read in the last few months: Ann Leckie's trilogy: Ancillary Justice / Ancillary Sword / Ancillary Mercy, Fran Wilde's "Updraft", David Gerrold's "The Man Who Folded Himself", N.K. Jemisin's "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms", Neal Stephenson's "SevenEves", and I'm mostly through Evil Girlfriend Media's excellent anthology, "Women In Practical Armor."

* My birthday is coming up so it's time for the posting of my wish list for those who feel like the anniversary of my arrival into this world is a good excuse to send me stuff:
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Dug out another of the half-dead boxwood root clusters today after work. And my first plant shipment arrived, so I heeled the sprouted guys into tubs of dirt indoors, since I haven't finished turning the front yards AND because it is supposed to snow Sunday night. : P
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The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repending Believers)Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very High
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Moderate
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8 - The Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

I'm mostly confused on how I scored so low on "gluttonous."
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Tuesdays are now household cleaning & project days, and I think it will be good to keep them as such, especially with Wednesday being trash pick-up day. I'd like to wind a W-Th-F day job in the city that I can do without physical pain or the development of deep self-loathing, and given that September is right around the corner, I'll be embarking on such a search shortly. (I'm working Mondays 8:30 - 5:30 as a child caretaker (I KNOW, right??) but they don't need more for more than one day a week.

I'm also assisting one of my roommates in the re-launching of her Etsy business, although we ought to have that streamlined down to a few hours out of the week / weekend before I get hired for anything else.

I've also got an interesting sculpture commission from a couple friends of mine, which I am working on right now. As in, the mold is in the fridge hardening up and the wax is melting down as I type this, waiting for both materials to reach the right stage to pour.

With the exception of Red vs Blue all the media I have started following in the last several years is on hiatus, which is good because as it is it feels like there isn't enough hours in the day. I can't blame that all on Tumblr, where I follow mostly fellow fic-writers and artists and people who are more concerned with having conversations about issues in our society than just passing on the most recent "outrage" they've heard of. I've come to realize Tumblr is basically a microcosm of "the internet" distilled and brought to your door, where your opinion of it depends entirely on what parts of it you are following.

If you suck as a human being and pass on a lot of vitriol or unverified bullshit about *anything*, I'm not going to Follow you for very long- even if you're a good writer.

Writing is going...slow...but not slower than usual given my current conceit of trying to write *every* variation-on-a-theme / AU that trots through my brain. It's an interesting exercise. My avoidance of it has been leading me to getting a lot of household work done. : P

I've got a general physical in two days; here's hoping they don't find anything horribly wrong with me. Here's hoping they no-less-paradoxically discover what's been up with my lack of appetite for the last few weeks.
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Hearken ye back to a time when I started first posting bits of Hobbit AU fic. This is the last part of chapter one of For Want of an Arrow, the first bits of which can be found HERE and HERE.

So far we've had pov from Tauriel and let's wander over and see what Thorin is seeing on Ravenhill, shall we? )
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For want of an arrow...

These two scenes follow the one I posted two weeks back, a continuation of the divergent events that open this AU. (That is, Legolas puts a couple of arrows into Bolg that in the canon storyline went into orcs attacking Thorin, and left his post to aid Tauriel a minute or two earlier.)

As is typical with UFFs, this hasn't been beta's yet, so C&C on both plot & grammar would be accepted with good grace.

To be fair, it hadn't been a full hundred goblins attacking; the real number was closer to fifty or sixty. Dwalin remembers thinking that if it was fifty or sixty <i>orcs,</i> with only Thorin at his side, he would have been concerned – worried, even – but that mercenaries of such a pitiful caliber could be taken out by a single blow from his axe. He'd been amused at the time. )

I'm pretty sure that in the extended edition of Five Armies we're going to to see cut scenes of Dwalin fighting Azog and disarming him of that mace before being thrown over the side of Ravenhill. It would explain why Azog didn't have the mace and had to use a scavenged weapon during his fight with Thorin, and why we didn't see Dwalin anywhere during that fight or after Bilbo woke up: Dwalin was climbing back up the side of the mountain during Thorin and Azog's face-off. The above scenes paraphrase THAT theory of events.
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For want of an arrow...

a Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies AU.

Description: Legolas picked a different target, and we got a whole new world. Kili tries to rebuild his life while dealing with grief and politics; whether surviving the battle is enough to constitute a “happy ending” remains to be seen. (Spoiler warning for the CANON ending of the movie.)

Ch. 1: We're starting amid the final battle, so we've got WARNINGS for violence, gore, and <s>heartache</s> the possibility that your heart will be ripped out of your chest and stomped on. )


That's just the scene, not the whole first chapter. But progress, hey?
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I've been intending to do a write-up of what I've been doing the last few months (the answer really being, "not much"), but instead you get the following bit of humor.

For any CRIMINAL MINDS fans who may be on my f-list I present to you: minimal context Gubler theatre. The first one was a “I just noticed that where I paused this is hilarious, I need to screen grab this,” the second one was a, “If I pause it here, it will be the perfect follow-up to the previous image.” The narrative created by these two pictures placed side by side is my Giftmas present to fandom.


MGG Zipper Fail

MGG There We Fixed It
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Currently on a project to not only update my old notebooks to digital formats, but to actually recycle the papers once documented. Pulling out the blank pages is a quick way to cut down on the physical side of the load, so I'm doing that as an early stage. Each blank page feels like a wasted opportunity; lost minutes.

More Post!

Jul. 7th, 2014 11:58 am
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Breakfast was cereal, grapes, and a few slices of smoked mozarella & hard salami. I was also planning to eat a yogurt, but found myself too full.

Last Wednesday was my last day at my now THANKFULLY previous place of employment, and I have (for the moment) vented myself out on that topic so I won't inflict that particular story on you just now.

The following morning I flew out to CONvergence and had an even better time than expected, mostly because that convention is set up amazingly well.

I returned home last night, and now get to figure out what I am doing next. I have handfuls of projects, ranging from household projects to art and writing to job hunting. I'm trying to make this week mostly down-time, since I was exhausted even BEFORE I left for a four-day convention out of state that requiring flying on an airplane.

I'd also like to start a blog. Not an online journal, which I view more of a place to chat about the everyday this-and-that of my life, but a place to post composed essays.

Journaling again could be a good start to that.


Jul. 7th, 2014 11:40 am
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I am planning to spend my day cleaning my room and blogging. But first I need to grab breakfast.
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Progress creeps along on in my Jagergirl costume; last night I worked more on the toile for the jacket, and while I just about sorted the sleeves out (finally!), I realized I was going to have to adjust the sides. And the front. I did find pretty much the perfect belt for at at an amry surplus store for $15, complete with riveted-on attachments for a shoulder strap. And a shoulder strap.

I sat down tonight and finished the cardboard frame to make the shell for the mold for the back of my head and shoulders, papered it over with newspaper and Modge-Podge so the surface would be flat and seamless, and shellacked it. Well, I went to Shellac it and discovered the pint of shellac was d.e.a.d. : P So I use wood sealant, which ought t have the same ultimate effect, but takes much longer to dry; as such, I didn't make it to the stage where I actually start working on the mother mold.

Then I sat down with my flex shaft tool and cleaned up the teeth casts I did earlier this week. I opened the plastic on the base forms and found it was base form, singular, so I have to do two separate pours. Not that it's much work, it's just that much *more* work.

If I can get the plaster work done on the back mold tomorrow I'll still be on schedule. Well, provided it works as intended so we can get my head cast this weekend.

While working I watched through the first three episodes of the first season of Revenge, which I've found to be a better show than I was expecting. (The one upside to having low standards for media is the number of times you are pleasantly surprised; it beats having high expectations and being disappointed far more often.)

I've also acquired a sponsor for my artistic endeavors, and so was able to put in orders for a number of supplies I need. I have this image of me throwing money up into the air, and art supplies raining down... Only, most of what I ordered is either pointy or really heavy, so I'm having to scurry out of the way do avoid everything.

Oh, and Shao Lin threw up in my shoe. This is why I put my shoes up on a shelf, typically, to avoid the possibility of this ever happening... it never has before, and today was one of the days where I kicked them off after I got home and figured I put them up later. (I went out with friends to see the movie Looper, which was very good and very enjoyable, if really f'ing disturbing in a couple of scenes.)

I was called by my school for the class I was wait-listed for; a spot had opened up. So yaye, another term of 2-Figure sculpture for me! I didn't even miss any night for the long pose.
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[Cross-posted from Facebook]

I just got back from The Steampunk World's Fair. I had a pretty great time...other than the teeth-grinding I did over what was done to my schedule to make it "pretty" enough to print, which was renewed every time I heard about yet another performer whose show times were botched due to those changes. Luckily for my enamel I also have moments of pure awesome from the weekend to reflect on, such as the performance by Stav Meishar (one of my two favorite people this weekend). You should all go check out her music:
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I had planned to do a UFF for yesterday, sat down to work on it, and discovered I'd never bothered to note down anywhere when (as in, what year) *two* of the characters had died. Since this impacts the current story quite a bit- it affects what age the kids in it are- I had to stop and take the time to work it out. Which made me distracted with timeline stuff for a bit. Right around the time I was ready to try and write, I had cramps so bad I wasn't even up to typing up this complaint. : P

I'm going to be on a bus for three hours soon, though, so if I can stay awake through that, I might get something written. I'm going to be at Dorian's Parlor tonight, though, so I may not get it posted for a day or two. Still not sure when I am doing NaNo; It might be a good idea to start tonight, no matter how crazy December is shaping up to be. Gotta do it sometime, right?
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Back from Philcon, where I think I have had the best time out of any Philcon I have yet attended. Not being stuck being the Info desk at all, let alone for 40% of the time like the last couple years, certainly made a difference. But what really made it amazing this year was the musical guests- I heard Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps play for the first time, practically overloaded on concerts by the musical guests of honor SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney, and had a chance- although sadly missed a couple more- to hear Patricia Wake rock the stage. The panels I attended were all great, and the company (as usual) was delightful. I am very happy to have been a part of the experience this weekend. EXCELLENT WORK, EVERYONE!


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