Jan. 30th, 2015

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For want of an arrow...

These two scenes follow the one I posted two weeks back, a continuation of the divergent events that open this AU. (That is, Legolas puts a couple of arrows into Bolg that in the canon storyline went into orcs attacking Thorin, and left his post to aid Tauriel a minute or two earlier.)

As is typical with UFFs, this hasn't been beta's yet, so C&C on both plot & grammar would be accepted with good grace.

To be fair, it hadn't been a full hundred goblins attacking; the real number was closer to fifty or sixty. Dwalin remembers thinking that if it was fifty or sixty <i>orcs,</i> with only Thorin at his side, he would have been concerned – worried, even – but that mercenaries of such a pitiful caliber could be taken out by a single blow from his axe. He'd been amused at the time. )

I'm pretty sure that in the extended edition of Five Armies we're going to to see cut scenes of Dwalin fighting Azog and disarming him of that mace before being thrown over the side of Ravenhill. It would explain why Azog didn't have the mace and had to use a scavenged weapon during his fight with Thorin, and why we didn't see Dwalin anywhere during that fight or after Bilbo woke up: Dwalin was climbing back up the side of the mountain during Thorin and Azog's face-off. The above scenes paraphrase THAT theory of events.


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