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Exosquad, one of my favorite shows from my teenagerhood, is finally out on DVD.
Well, the *first* season, anyway. Here's pulling for the second season.
(And yes, I just bought a copy.)

So yesterday was my sister's graduation from Delaware Valley with a bachelor's in the field of animal biotechnology and conservation - magna cum laude. Way to go Sara!
She wanted me over Friday night to help out with a few last minute things, and I should have been tipped off by her willingness to come into Philly itself to pick me up, Friday night also being the yearly garden party that one of my sculpture teachers throws for her students and so I would have arrived very, very late otherwise.

Last minute things included helping finish laying out carpet, moving the old carpet out, scrub cleaning the entire kitchen, cleaning out and then more scrubbing of the foyer area, walking the pitbulls, helping clean out the back room and all of the things Tucker had chewed up, changing the flying squirrel's cage, and painting things including the trim of three doorways of three rooms.

It wasn't that she and her boyfriend had put off all of these things, per se; the majority of the painting had been done earlier in the week and then the one friend who was supposed to help them did a crappy job on some of the things he was supposed to do, and then said he'd finished others (like the trim) where he'd skipped out entirely.

And then at some point Tucker and Tori got to wrestling, and managed to knock a nearly bucket of paint off of the living room kitchen and all over the carpet, one of the couches, and themselves, which led to the fast need to replace the living room carpet (which they'd been meaning to do anyway) as well as taking time out to clean up the newly-dubbed "Paintbulls." So yeah, some of the other small last-minute stuff got shoved back.

So we finished at about 4:30 am, and then I took a shower, and then one of Sara's out of town friends arrived, so we all crashed around 5:00am. Her graduation being at 10:30 and sleep already being limited for her for the previous 4 days, this was not the best of things, but the house looks pretty darn awesome. Anyway, people started getting up around 8am, which woke me up but I was content to nap, until Tucker took things into his own paws by climbing onto the couch and sitting on my shoulder and then turning himself into a big pitbull loop while trying to groom his nether bits and lick me in the face at the same time. AAARGH! So yeah, I was up after that. The actual graduation was great- besides the boring, boring, long, boring, and long ceremony- and we had a fun party between family and friends afterwards.

And then we all went out separate ways and SLEPT.


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