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I slipped a little, but not nearly as bad as I thought. I'm currently at 9,871 words, having just wrapped up today's last bit of writing.

Neo Office has been successfully installed in the new comp, and I christened it by making a spreadsheet to track my NaNo word counts by day and by totals and such. (Since I'm actually making near-adequate progress this year, it is a inspiring thing to lean back and look at.)
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Current NaNo progress is 3,708 words, which means not only have I made back my failure to fill the "minumum word quota" for day one, but already passed what I'd need to have written by midnight tonight. ...of course, part of that is because I got up rather late yesterday and then spent a bunch of time timestampingtheexactmomentsofscreentimeforazulaandherlackeysbecauseitwillsavemetimemakingamvsinthelongrun and doing actual household chores and such...and haven't been to bed yet, so I'm not actually as ahead of the game as part of me wants to think.

On the other hand, I'm actually in the mood to write, and have a lot in my brain, and have barely even gotten to the wealth of smutty moments this story contains. Don't know how long the actually not-having-an-aversion-to-writing-things-down is going to last.

So...anybody out there interested in reading my progress? It's probably all going to be derivative/fanfic, and so far has been either focused on the LNU (a Naruto universe) or The ATLA Walkabout (a somewhat cracked crack!fic set in a Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.) Both are, at present, heavily focused on OCs, not canon characters, and I do know how some people hate those kinds of stories. Let me know, and I'll post some of it.


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