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busyyy. Tuesday I was careful to plan my schedule to arrive early for my last oil painting class, the second day of a two-day pose, to make sure I had as much time with the model as I could. And despite the trolleys being down and having to take the diversion route to 40th and Market to catch the El from there, I did get to class fifteen minutes before the hour.

...Of course, I had forget to adjust my alarm clock for daylight saving so I was 15 minutes before the wrong hour, and thus 45 minutes late. : P The painting still looks pretty shibby, though.

I stayed after class, eating an early dinner with three other women from my painting class, which we've made a habit of doing this semester. (Well, they had a habit and then started inviting me along, too.) We tried the mexican place on the corner as opposed to Sabrina's, which had become our usual; both places have great food. I tried the steak sopes, just to try something different.

After dinner I went back to Fleisher and finished cleaning up Bas Relief A, a reclining woman, and started a mold for it. Then I started a mold for Bas Relief B, standing male with apple, which needed no further clean-up. I worked on both molds concurrently, alternating layers of plaster for each, and finished the both just before the end of class. Then I came home and...did...something. Went to bed, maybe? No, that wasn't until 2am. Oh! Right. I spent the rest of the night uploading and fixing the names and locations and broken links for my slimmed-down Portfolio, which is linked in my current resume.

Today I started off running errands; back to Burlington's to get the safety tag they'd overlooked removed from my jacket, and then to Macy's to exchange my shoes for a half-size larger if they'd let me, which they did. (They didn't even look at the pair I was handing in, despite the fact I was warned they probably wouldn't take an exchange if they shoes looked worn.) I also allowed myself to be distracted by some other shops around market and chestnut, resulting in a) me being reminded that empire-wasted tops just make me look pregnant, and b) finding those boots I'd seen three or four months back now on sale for $30, down from $50. So I tried them on and they fit and now I own them and I think they're going to match that grey leather corset I bought from Pendragon Costumes at Mythic Faire last weekend. (I'll let you know.)

I was thus delayed in getting to Fleisher early as I wanted, but I was able to get both of my molds free from the bas relief boards before class started, which was aces because I needed one of them for class tonight. I also managed to get both molds cast tonight, which I did during the 10-minute model breaks throughout the night. I got the second mold prepped to pour just in time to do it on the last break.

Then I had to gather together four pieces plus Steph's oil paint kit and hustle it all downstairs for my ride home, as this is the last official night of the semester and Fleisher will keep (to be resold) or pitch anything left on premises during the breaks. (There are big signs up in each classroom about this, so everyone knows to clear out at the end of the term.) Everything has come home intact to the best of my knowledge, and Bas Relief A has now been demolded and looks fairly lovely if I do say so myself. (Which I am.)

And now, dinner.


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