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Tuesdays are now household cleaning & project days, and I think it will be good to keep them as such, especially with Wednesday being trash pick-up day. I'd like to wind a W-Th-F day job in the city that I can do without physical pain or the development of deep self-loathing, and given that September is right around the corner, I'll be embarking on such a search shortly. (I'm working Mondays 8:30 - 5:30 as a child caretaker (I KNOW, right??) but they don't need more for more than one day a week.

I'm also assisting one of my roommates in the re-launching of her Etsy business, although we ought to have that streamlined down to a few hours out of the week / weekend before I get hired for anything else.

I've also got an interesting sculpture commission from a couple friends of mine, which I am working on right now. As in, the mold is in the fridge hardening up and the wax is melting down as I type this, waiting for both materials to reach the right stage to pour.

With the exception of Red vs Blue all the media I have started following in the last several years is on hiatus, which is good because as it is it feels like there isn't enough hours in the day. I can't blame that all on Tumblr, where I follow mostly fellow fic-writers and artists and people who are more concerned with having conversations about issues in our society than just passing on the most recent "outrage" they've heard of. I've come to realize Tumblr is basically a microcosm of "the internet" distilled and brought to your door, where your opinion of it depends entirely on what parts of it you are following.

If you suck as a human being and pass on a lot of vitriol or unverified bullshit about *anything*, I'm not going to Follow you for very long- even if you're a good writer.

Writing is going...slow...but not slower than usual given my current conceit of trying to write *every* variation-on-a-theme / AU that trots through my brain. It's an interesting exercise. My avoidance of it has been leading me to getting a lot of household work done. : P

I've got a general physical in two days; here's hoping they don't find anything horribly wrong with me. Here's hoping they no-less-paradoxically discover what's been up with my lack of appetite for the last few weeks.
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