Aug. 21st, 2016

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* The new job continues well. I'm working several days a week 10 -5:30pm for a woman who sells crafting supplies, mostly for fiber-related things (knitting needles, quilting templates, looms) but for a lot of papercraft and scrapbooking and printmaking supplies, too.

* I've been collaborating with a couple different people on a couple different fashion / costuming related projects. Things are going...impressively.

* This is my second year as Head of Programming for Philcon; we got the pool of potential panels out to our potential panelists a couple months early this year. We've had 95 replies with their panel requests already, so it's time to start on the scheduling of items.

* I haven't done any writing that wasn't related to panel descriptions in the last couple months, but my brain has been busy with headcanons as ever.

* I'm between Fleisher classes at the moment, but they start up again in September. My work is definitely at a better level than it was last year. I also took a pyrography workshop recently that resulted in some pretty fun stuff.

* The cats remain lovable jerks. They are all in good health, but still seem to love horking.

* I'm in reasonable health, too. I did have one day of horking myself about a month ago, due to some bad seafood.

* The garden is on hold for the season, except for the occasional bout of weeding for garden 1 and bout of chopping-things-down-to-below-ticking-level for garden 2. Most of what I planted is doing well, the rest has to wait for the currently-growing-where-I-want-to-plant-it stuff to die off before being moved to where it belongs. ...The vegetables I have in the back are still alive despite my negligence. They badly need to be replanted by this point, which I was going to do today, but it's been raining since I woke up.

* New shows watched in the last few months: Black Sails, Steven Universe, Stranger Things.

* New books read in the last few months: Ann Leckie's trilogy: Ancillary Justice / Ancillary Sword / Ancillary Mercy, Fran Wilde's "Updraft", David Gerrold's "The Man Who Folded Himself", N.K. Jemisin's "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms", Neal Stephenson's "SevenEves", and I'm mostly through Evil Girlfriend Media's excellent anthology, "Women In Practical Armor."

* My birthday is coming up so it's time for the posting of my wish list for those who feel like the anniversary of my arrival into this world is a good excuse to send me stuff:


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