Oct. 5th, 2012

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Progress creeps along on in my Jagergirl costume; last night I worked more on the toile for the jacket, and while I just about sorted the sleeves out (finally!), I realized I was going to have to adjust the sides. And the front. I did find pretty much the perfect belt for at at an amry surplus store for $15, complete with riveted-on attachments for a shoulder strap. And a shoulder strap.

I sat down tonight and finished the cardboard frame to make the shell for the mold for the back of my head and shoulders, papered it over with newspaper and Modge-Podge so the surface would be flat and seamless, and shellacked it. Well, I went to Shellac it and discovered the pint of shellac was d.e.a.d. : P So I use wood sealant, which ought t have the same ultimate effect, but takes much longer to dry; as such, I didn't make it to the stage where I actually start working on the mother mold.

Then I sat down with my flex shaft tool and cleaned up the teeth casts I did earlier this week. I opened the plastic on the base forms and found it was base form, singular, so I have to do two separate pours. Not that it's much work, it's just that much *more* work.

If I can get the plaster work done on the back mold tomorrow I'll still be on schedule. Well, provided it works as intended so we can get my head cast this weekend.

While working I watched through the first three episodes of the first season of Revenge, which I've found to be a better show than I was expecting. (The one upside to having low standards for media is the number of times you are pleasantly surprised; it beats having high expectations and being disappointed far more often.)

I've also acquired a sponsor for my artistic endeavors, and so was able to put in orders for a number of supplies I need. I have this image of me throwing money up into the air, and art supplies raining down... Only, most of what I ordered is either pointy or really heavy, so I'm having to scurry out of the way do avoid everything.

Oh, and Shao Lin threw up in my shoe. This is why I put my shoes up on a shelf, typically, to avoid the possibility of this ever happening... it never has before, and today was one of the days where I kicked them off after I got home and figured I put them up later. (I went out with friends to see the movie Looper, which was very good and very enjoyable, if really f'ing disturbing in a couple of scenes.)

I was called by my school for the class I was wait-listed for; a spot had opened up. So yaye, another term of 2-Figure sculpture for me! I didn't even miss any night for the long pose.


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